We are directly supporting local kids with autism

We're a group of pro-active parents in the Dunedin area of New Zealand who have children with autism. This charitable trust has been running since 2004.

We are committed to helping organise and fundraise for ABA therapy. This kind of intensive early intervention helps make easier the lives of affected children and their families. This therapy is successful and popular around the world, but  it isn't government-funded in New Zealand. 

This group works hard to help fund therapy. We rely mostly on grants, donations and our own fundraising. All funds raised by the Otago Children's Autism Support Group are used for therapy and case management.  We have virtually no running costs, and volunteer our time to make this group possible. All funds are shared fairly amongst the families involved, and are strictly for the therapists' wages. The therapy is not exclusive, it is for any local child on the autism spectrum. 

Thanks for visiting our new website. Please bear with us while we gradually update and add the remaining pages!


About therapy

ABA therapy is provided by great therapists who are terrific with the kids. The therapists are trained and assessed regularly under the umbrella of our service provider, Intervention Services for Autism and Developmental Delay (ISADD).



We use our public Facebook page to stay in touch with our network and post interesting stuff about autism, disability, science, education, funding and so on. We really value input from parents, other people and organisations.

Can you support us?

Please contact us if you are able to make a donation, or use this Givealittle link. We'll have more fundraising info up on here shortly!